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About LT Executive Search

Executive search is a partnership and we are privileged to collaborate with the most reputable, honest, dynamic real estate investors in the US. We get the calls for the hard searches, the newly created roles, the succession planning initiatives, and the diversity hiring mandates. Whether finding a head of select service hotel acquisitions in 2009 or helping a leading private equity firm achieve a 30% companywide diversity mandate over the past three years, there is nothing we cannot handle. We have done it all and are one hundred percent transparent and ethical with you throughout the process. It is truly a privilege to work with the most incredible individuals in the industry.

No one is more thorough and thoughtful

We also operate at the highest level of confidentiality and have team members who hold master's degrees in real estate.

Leanne Tomar

Managing Partner


Tara Cohen

Managing Director


Rachael LeBaron

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  • Accounting
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  • Asset Management
  • Capital Raising
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